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Training and Workshops

Give your team digital marketing superpowers

Comprehensive training packages for everyone from beginners to seasoned marketing pros. Make the best possible investment with your marketing budget: invest in your people.

Boost your team’s skills and achieve learning goals

Digital Marketing Strategy for Pharma/ B2B

A strategic overview of how to plan and evaluate your digital marketing campaigns and understand the advantages and disadvantages of different channels. The pharma specific workshop focuses on targeting HCPs with a compliance lens.

Social Media Strategy for Pharma /B2B

Helping provide a methodology to guide efforts for an actionable social media strategy.  Learn how to structure social media efforts, deploy resources, and launch a campaign that provides interpretable results.

LinkedIn for Business Development

This workshop helps participants utilise the free version of LinkedIn more effectively to generate leads, nurture prospects and close deals. It includes profile optimisation and building industry authority.

Client winning content with ChatGPT

Helping you understand the right engineering prompts to supercharge your content production, generate posts and content ideas and  engage your prospects via personalised messaging.

Content Marketing Strategy

Helps those involved in creating, managing, distributing and measuring digital content with strategising how to change the relationship that customers have with your brand for the company to better meet its business objectives.

Building High performing teams

Helping participants to understand how their natural dispositions might affect their team and how to influence the workplace. Guides teams to overcome their weaknesses whilst leveraging their strengths to build and sustain high-performance.

Marketing Digital Transformation

This workshop helps guide participants though developing a roadmap for achieving success, including frameworks, technology and case studies.

Developing a Futurist Perspective

This gives your teams the chance to interact and think about the future of your industry, helping to generate a longer-term strategic perspective and spark innovation.

Build loyalty. Build trust.
Build your team

94% of employees said they would stay longer at a company that invested in their training and development, according the 2023 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report.

Done right, it comes with a great ROI and raft of benefits:

Improve employee satisfaction

Master new marketing channels

Boost marketing and data literacy

Save money on ad spend and wasted effort

Build a resilient culture of curiosity, learning, and agility

“Tanya delivered a very informative Digital transformation workshop which helped our Ecommerce global team at AkzoNobel understand the challenges that B2B industries face when addressing such a transformation across our business. Very interactive and instructive workshop and she provided insights how we can tackle such challenges. Tanya assisted the team and I to make connections from the examples and relate them to our specific industry sector. Especially liked the fact that creativity is not soley reserved for B2C but you can be creative in B2B too.”

Paul Cattan

Ecommerce & Digital Transformation

Expert help to guide your digital marketing transformation